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As a community manager or member of your HOA board, you have a lot of responsibility on your plate. From overseeing the landscaping to assessment collections, you’re working hard to maintain a safe and beautiful community. When legal issues arise, you need an experienced law firm to guide you to a successful outcome. For more than 9 years, Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* has focused on representing community associations. Every day, we help organizations like yours resolve their legal challenges.

Legal Protection

Comprehensive Legal Services to Communities

Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* assists community associations in virtually all legal issues a community association may face, including, but not limited to, those listed below.

Legal Opinions that Protect the Association and its Board

Civil and criminal prosecutions against board members and associations are on the rise. Legal opinions from Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* provide an association’s board with the legal protections of the business judgment rule and the peace of mind that the association is operating within the confines of the law.

Complex Civil Litigation

Associations increasingly find it necessary to participate in litigation to protect their rights or defend their actions. Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* litigators are experienced in handling everything from small claims court to complex class actions at the federal level and use that experience to protect associations’ legal interests.

Restraining Orders

Situations of harassment and/or violence as well as substantive procedural errors pose a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the directors, residents, and management of many associations. Where your association faces such issues, Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* will seek restraining orders to protect against such detrimental matters.

Compliance & Enforcement

Sometimes it takes more than a violation letter from the management company to bring an owner into compliance. If neighborly attempts at amicable resolution fail, Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* will assist your association in obtaining judicial relief (ex: injunctions prohibiting conduct, judgments forcing payment, declaratory relief establishing rights, etc.) to bring difficult owners into compliance.

Under-Funding Claims

Where a declarant/developer leaves an association without sufficient funds, Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* will negotiate and litigate to recover the deficiency in funding owed to an association.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Nevada law requires the submission of most association-related claims to the Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED) ADR program prior to filing such claims in court. Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* will navigate the ADR process for an association in an attempt to bring its issues to a speedy resolution.

NRED (Ombudsman) Complaint Defense

The investigation and prosecution of intervention affidavits against board members and associations is a process fraught with the potential to violate the rights of associations, their directors, and their members. Obtaining Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.*’s guidance and defense throughout the process will help ensure an association and its directors properly protect legal rights that are placed in jeopardy.

Developer/Declarant Transition

The transition from declarant control is an incredibly complex process for large associations, high-rises, and mid-rises, which will have a permanent effect on the future of the community. Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* will provide essential legal counsel for the transition process.

Creation & Modification of Governing Documents

Governing documents have a lasting effect on a community and improper provisions within such documents place an association and its directors at substantial risk for liability. Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* drafts custom-tailored documents and modifications for associations that comply with the needs of the association and federal, state, and local laws, which enhances the overall community and reduces liability.

Contract Drafting & Review

Associations often enter into contracts for hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars that have limitless legal implications. Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* performs the drafting and review of such contracts, as needed, to protect associations’ interests.

Rates, Fees & Retainers

Please contact us for our corporate counsel services contract which will show the details of our standard rates and retainers, which include flat fees for certain legal services. Because we understand that the needs, case complexity, and ability to pay vary from association to association, we are open to the negotiation of retainers and payment schedules. Clarkson McAlonis & O’Connor, P.C.* will work with your association to create a deferred payment arrangement for the payment of fees incurred in any legal matter.

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